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Protective Styles: Are Wigs a Good Option?

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If you are like me; a Radiant Queen you always want to look your best. Sometimes the styles you want to rock (different color, long, short, etc..) can take a toll on your natural hair. 

I will let you in on my story. Being in the military we have hair regulations. Hair has to be a specific length, color (based on skin tones), style, etc… uniformity is the key of the military. Wearing the latest style from Beyonce or Rihanna will not fly. That’s where wigs or any form of hair extensions come in.

Hair Extensions by definition is hair integrations to add length, and fullness to one’s hair. Which is true but can it be used as a protective style? In my case yes it does. One of the benefits of protective hair styles is that they allow low maintenance (manipulation), which in turn may help with length retention.  My first option for a protective style for my natural hair is Sisterlocks. Although I put some stress on my hair with retightening (every 6 weeks) that is my first choice as a protective style and to also keep within the standards of the military. Now when I am off work and I want to go out with friends, or attend an event wigs are my go to. I wear wigs to protect my Sisterlocks, and achieve any look I desire. Whether I want to have long flowy locks like Beyonce or wear a short edge cut like Rihanna is known for I can achieve the look with a wig.  

Radiant Locks Glueless Wigs are made with 100% raw virgin hair sourced from various parts of the world. By using the highest quality of raw virgin human hair our products blend seamlessly with your natural hair no matter the hair type.  Radiant Locks offers products that carter to women of all ethnicity. All our wigs are handmade to fit the needs of all our Radiant Queens.

So the next time you want to try that new hair style but are not sure, consider a Glueless Wig Unit from Radiant Locks. As Queens we have different taste and style and that’s ok, at Radiant Locks we ensure the products you purchase will help you achieve your goal of being Radiant.


Always ensure to consult with a professional Hair Stylist when it comes to install, color, etc.. of any wig unit or natural hair care.

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